Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why That Cheap Fabric Ain't So Cheap

by Donnalynn Polito

Looking for a cheap fabric that will bring the final touches to your living room?  What about a cheap fabric for that dress you’ve been dying to make?  Maybe you’re just looking for a particular fabric that’s beautiful and that you know you can find for a cheaper price than what your designer is trying to sell it to you for. 

We devour bargains of all sorts, and looking for a cheap fabric isn’t any different.  In fact, we devour cheap fabrics because of their pricing and are often willing to sacrifice some quality to save some money.  When it wears out, guess what, we can go out and get another one!

It’s no surprise that the demand for cheap fabric is huge.  This demand, of course, fuels an abundant supply of cheap fabric.  Sort of a whatever-Lola wants-Lola-gets routine (an old but memorable song).

The demand for cotton falls into one of the biggest demand and supply categories.  Cotton has many desirable characteristics.  Among many of its characteristics, it is versatile, stable, naturally comfortable and cheap.  

We’re not dummies.  We all recognize that cheap comes with a hidden cost, but do we really, really know just how steep that cost is?  Really?

You can guess at some of it.  For one, just like we devour bargains, boll weevils devour cotton crops.  So, yes pesticides will be among the first costs we have to factor in. 

Are you ready to factor in another 149 chemicals?  A lack of information has a huge cost. This video will bring you and Lola up to date.  Take a look.

Want to get some great tips on  how you can have that beautiful look at a good price and that keeps you and your family in that marvelous eco living lifestyle you have become accustomed to?  

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