Thursday, February 18, 2010

Earth Friendly Cleaners That Multitask

by Donnalynn Polito

It’s hard to accept, I know, but earth friendly cleaners can multitask better than us mere mortals. In fact, we may well be impairing our brain by multitasking. Eventually, our multitasking efforts slow us down and getting us a big fat zero in performance tests.

Earth friendly cleaners, on the other hand, are great multitaskers. They clean, smell good, are non-toxic, biodegrade easily, and require no gloves or head gear whether they’re used as stand alone products or blended. With just a few basic ingredients, you can create your own earth friendly cleaners.

Just think what you can save if you try your hand at this. You don’t have to hop into your car, producing carbon dioxide, to run down to the store, taking precious minutes away from your day. Darn, you forgot your sunglasses!

At the store, you check out the labels which you really don’t know what you’re looking at, chose one that’s in a plastic bottle, a bottle which is hard to create and even harder to recycle and then, dash home.

Once home, you read the instructions and put on the gloves. It may be time for the gasmasks.Because we clean our floors with one kind of cleaner, our countertops with another and our upholstery and covers with yet another, we don’t even realize the toxic soup we have created.

Maybe this is just habit, or maybe you haven’t tried other options because you don’t know where to start.

It may seem that making your home green is an overwhelming, expensive redo. That doesn’t have to be.

Because we can start with some easy and very effective that works toward detoxing our homes, we can also work toward creating our much desired eco living green lifestyles. Limiting our exposure to toxic chemicals can start with our household cleaning products.

Don’t dismay. You have more choices than you think. You can choose green cleaners that work with enzymes, and you can also try cleaning solutions that are much closer at hand.

Have goo on your upholstery from all those meals on the sofa while watching the Olympics? What about crumbs and sticky on your bedding from wonderful breakfasts in bed? No worries.

10 Ways to Look Under the Covers is a free PDF that’s chock full of information and it’s just a click away. You don’t even have to get into your car!

Did I mention lemon juice, borax, cola that has gone flat, salt, club soda? Or what about almond oil, baby oil, beaten egg whites, crushed walnuts, cream of tartar, toothpaste, flour?

I know, you’re still a bit skeptical. It’s hard to imagine these items working as well as the traditional methods we all know and have grown up with.

Traditional dry cleaning products may work, but they also may contain perchloroethylene, naphthalene, ethanol, ammonia and detergents. Overexposure to these chemicals can lead to brain and central nervous system damage, behavior problems, asthma, cancer and more.

In 10 Ways to Look Under the Covers, you’ll learn that while some cleaners have switched to a so-called ‘green’ cleaning process. Here is what you need to watch out for: avoid hydrocarbon, greenearth and solvair CO2 cleaning methods. Although they are better than using perc, they still contain toxic solvents. Get your copy now!

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