Monday, April 12, 2010

Drinking Water Aging Delivery Systems

Drinking water delivery systems have been quietly aging and go totally unnoticed until one bursts. Then we take note of the water gushing geysers into the air as we pass by, and even then we don’t give it much thought.

Some of these drinking water, or tap water, delivery systems are as old as the light bulb! Hard to imagine. But that’s nothing. There are some drinking or tap water delivery systems as old as the Civil War! Now, that’s somethin’.

Today, the water and sewer pipes are so old and have ignored by all of us for so long, they are rupturing, causing damage to property and compromising our drinking water.

We’re used to paying pretty small price to get water to our homes. We certainly expect water to come out of the tap when we turn it on.

We also want our water to be clean and be able to provide safe drinking water.

Here’s something I often think about as I watch people tending to their lawns. Does drinking water come to mind as a weed, who dares to poke its head between the blades, gets annihilated with one quick spritz from the hose in one hand and the container in the other?

But I digress.

Because drinking water sustains us and it seems the time has come that we are going to have to pay attention to the way it is delivered to us.

At Eco Living Greenstyle, we have been following a series of Toxic Waters by New York Times. You can read more about the age of our delivery systems for drinking and tap water and what it is going to cost to upgrade from 1861 to 2010.

Stopping weeds from invading our lawns isn't the only way we pollute our drinking water.  Textiles that we use in our home and fabric we drape our bodies in carry a hefty price tag on our drinking water.  Click here to find out more about which fabrics are better for our health. 

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