Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Green Interior Design And The Carbon Footprint

As a green interior designer, considering the carbon footprint and health is part of the balance sheet when new projects arrive at my desk waiting to become beautiful spaces. 

Concentrating on sustainable performance of the ingredients and the components that go into the interior spaces of an environment, you can gather knowledge along the way and begin developing a sustainable eco living lifestyle.

There are many reasons to learn more about turning your lifestyle into a sustainable, eco-living lifestyle.  Making good decisions that impact the health, cost, efficiency and beauty of your work, home and play are just some of the reasons.

While there are many places to begin, a good place to start is to understand that there are life cycles that belong to products and materials.  The beginning of these lifecycles are way before the product and material land on the retailer’s shelf ready for you to purchase.

Getting familiar with the life cycle of a product will help you make better choices and what better way to learn than from a master.  Watch this video to learn more.

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