Thursday, October 29, 2009

Conserve Water And Attract Wildlife

By Donnalynn Polito

Conserve water and draw in the wildlife. Can’t go wrong with that. Be conscious of water use and conserve water so you can be water wise. Did you know that 50% of the water used in landscapes can be saved by going to water wise or xeriscape gardening?

Need a new project? Take a look at your garden and see where you can make changes to save water, grow hardy, beautiful plants that take less water, no fertilizer and much less time. How fun is that!
Want more great tips on xeriscape? Check this video out.

So, I know what you’re thinking. This is all about the dried out west and how unconscious they are about their water use. Well, here’s a video about a xeriscape garden in Springfield, Missouri.

Tour of Xeriscape Garden in Springfield, Mo.

Live in a more rugged area and want more trees, take a look at this video. Don’t forget that groundcover works wonders over grass. What about a yard that goes downhill, or different kinds of irrigation systems, this video will give you some ideas.

Buffalo grass instead of fescue or bluegrass and only a quarter of the water, too. Don’t you just love all this info! Have fun.


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