Friday, November 6, 2009

Saving The Planet Gone Retro

By Donnalynn Polito

Saving the planet is a pretty good idea from my perspective.

Did you just say, “duh”? Hold on and give me a minute. Let me tell you what I’m thinking.

Saving the planet for some folks isn’t on their radar screen and to them, saving the planet is not a pressing issue. Why? I can only guess because they think global warming means their heating bills will be lower.

After reading an article in one of my favorite zines, Organic Gardening, I’ve taken to reconsider my point of view. Did you say, “duh” again except is sounded more like, “whaaaa”?

Don’t get excited. I haven’t been swayed by the lower the heating bill argument. I did feel compelled to share the article with you, though.

As Marie Rodale’s article, “The Only Book You’ll Ever Really Need” points out, it’s not the planet that needs saving, rather…(more)

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